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Business Partners


Paul Boucher :

Tool, die and mold welding 22 years

Military Defense 18 years

Nuclear Industry 9 years

Aerospace Industry 2 years

Vocational School Welding Instructor 19 years





Rob Pope:

Tool, die and mold welding 22 years

Medical Industry 7 years

Nuclear Industry 1 year

VICA National Champ 1989,1990

VICA World Champ 1991




David Kulak:

Tool, die and mold welding 22 years

Medical Industry 10 years

Vocational School Welding Instructor 4 years

VICA National Champ 1992

Our Crew

Glenn Turner

Kyle Getner

Our Crew

Professional and Family Like atmosphere:
Here at Arc Dimensions we believe the honest way is the best way, With fair pricing and fast turn around time you'll be sure to get the best experience possible. Our Air conditioned facility is approximately 6,000sq ft, with four large bay doors ready to accommodate your needs.  Micro Welding room is equip with four micro tig welding stations, two large ovens for pre/post heating, Precise measuring equipment to ensure accurate performance.  Think your Product is too small or too thin? Let our LRS EVO OR laser welding machine give it a try. Minimize Sink and dramatically reduce heat in repairs for less down time and less mess to clean up.